Distributor Pipeline HPP Gampadels Unterstufe – Engineering (2018)
Customer: Kremsmüller Industrieanlagenbau KG

The local energy supplier Illwerke vkw in Vorarlberg – Austria ordered a new distributor pipeline for their high pressure power plant Gampadels Unterstufe. Team H2 was in charge of the whole engineering for the pipe as well as the numerical analysis of the losses in the y-branches.
A particular challenge was the design and assessment of a branch without stiffening plate (sickle) to minimize the costs of a elaborate welding process. The assessment was done for a design pressure of about 70 bar.

  • Design and assessment of the y-branch without stiffening plate
  • Assessment of the whole pipe based on relevant standards and regulations
  • Static assessment for operating, exceptional and disaster load case
  • Cyclic assessment based on Eurocode (fatigue strength assessment)
  • CFD-Simulation to obtain the losses of the y-branches
  • Assessment for all fittings and other installations such as manholes, thrust rings or flanges

Consultion and measurement analysis on fracture mechanics testing – vamIBK (ongoing)

In the course of ongoing materials appraisals (fracture mechanics, crack growth, toughness, etc.) team h2 supports the material testing laboratory in Innsbruck vamIBK. Team H2 prepares testing procedures, measurement analysis and result processing for the laboratory.

  • Static fracture mechanics
  • Cyclic fracture mechanics
  • Bending tests
  • Tensile Tests
  • Analysing weld seam pictures

Condition assessment of the HPP Vomperbach penstock (2018)
Customer: Stadtwerke Schwaz GmbH

The local energy supplier in Tyrol – Austria operates a hydro-power plant with two upper and one lower stage. All three penstocks were analysed by miscellaneous testing procedures for a general assessment of the existing coating and possible damage due to corrosion.

  • Cross cutting test
  • Wall thickness measurement
  • Coating thickness measurement
  • Chemical Analysis of the existing coating
  • Visual inspection outside and inside

As a result Team H2 provides the customer with a technical report on the remaining service life of the coating as well as a concept for rehabilitation of the penstock.

Strain gauge measurement in a distributor pipe while pressure test (2018)
Customer: Kremsmüller Industrieanlagenbau KG

The distributor pipe from HPP Gampadels is subjected for a pressure test after construction to validate the construction itself as well as the calculated stresses. For that tests, Team H2 applied 19 strain gauges with 41 measuring axes to determine the strains while the pressure test. To consider and evaluate other influences pressure and temperature sensors were applied inside and outside the pipe. Especially the cable ducts from the measurement points inside the 70-bar loaded pipe to the outer measurement units was a big challenge in the execution. Therefore Team H2 constructed an own testing cylinder with 100 bar to test either the strain gauges under pressure itself as well as the cable ducts under high water pressure.

  • 12 inner strain gauges under 70 bar water pressure
  • 7 outer strain gauges
  • 1 pressure and 2 temperature sensors

The Measurement could be executed without the lost of a strain gauge. The results showed a good comparability with the calculated stresses for the pipe.

CFD and FEM for a surf wave at the river Traun (2019)
Client: Braun Maschinenfabrik GmbH

In the course of an unusual project of Braun Maschinenfabrik GmbH Team H2 was commissioned with the numerical simulation of the flow over a wave-generating steel structure (CFD). The shape of the waves, which should impress visitors as a stationary surf wave, was investigated at different flow rates, water levels and positions of the gates. The resulting pressures were then applied to the steel structure to calculate the loads and bearing forces for the design.

– CFD – Simulation of surf wave at different positions and water levels
– Fluid-structure interaction (CFD->FEM) for determination of stresses and bearing forces