About us

Andreas Hammer


After graduating the higher technical college for mechanical engineering in Innsbruck and the following studies in mechanical engineering with focus on energy technology at the Vienna University of Technology my profession led me directly to the engineering division of a hydro power energy provider.

As part of my master thesis I examined dynamic processes in waterways of hydropower plants and developed a corresponding simulation software In addition to waterhammer analysis my work also focuses on strength calculations, material assessments and fracture mechanics analysis..


  • Higher technical college for mechanical engineering
  • Bachelor´s and master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Vienna University of Technology
  • 7 years of experience in the field of strength and fracture mechanics, waterhammer analysis and project management
  • Qualification course for technical offices in the field of mechanical engineering
  • Further trainings:
    • Fracture-mechanics analysis methods – TU Freiberg
    • Fracture-mechanics assessment of steel in practice – Dr. Ing. Peter Lagenberg
    • Fatigue of structures – European Advanced Training Course
    • Systematic assessment of technical damage cases – Intensive seminar
    • Data analysis with Matlab for Excel users
    • VBA in Excel
    • Visual inspection of welded joints – Basic course
    • 3D modeling with CATIA V5 – Basic course
    • Project management

Gregor Höfer


After graduating from the higher technical college in mechanical engineering in Innsbruck, the bachelor’s and master’s degree in process and environmental technology from MCI (Management Center Innsbruck) as well as a master’s degree in the postgraduate studies on hydropower engineering from the technical university Graz I joined one of the biggest hydro power electricity suppliers in Austria. For the last eight years I have been in charge of numerical calculations, strength assessment, vibration monitoring and machinery diagnostics. At the moment I am responsible for the design of a 20 MW hydro power plant.


  • Higher technical college for mechanical engineering
  • Bachelor´s and master’s degree in process engineering (MCI)
  • Master’s degree in hydro power engineering (TU Graz)
  • Eight years of experience in numerical analysis, measurement and project management
  • Further trainings:
    • FKM design rule (static and dynamic strength assessment, fracture mechanics)
    • MATLAB – programming techniques
    • VBA for Excel
    • Assessment of welded structures and their service life
    • Few courses in numerical analysis (contact modelling, non-linearities, service life, rotor dynamics) with ansys
    • 3d modelling with CATIA V5 – basics
    • Project management basics and advanced
    • Quality manager on ISO9001:2000 (not recertified)